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 Welcome to Glin, a heritage town situated in West Limerick on the banks of the Shannon Estuary. Rich in heritage, culture and folklore it offers a wide variety of amenities and activities all year round. Glin is a prosperous and industrious town boasting a wide range of services for the local community and tourists.
Home to the Knights of Glin from the 13th century our castles and historical buildings bear witness to the influence of the FitzGerald family on our town throughout the ages. Our rich and varied past remind us of the Castle Sieges of the 1600s, the Workhouses of Famine Times, the Salmon Fishing Industry of the 1800s and the Trade and Tragedies of life along the estuary.
Our Heritage Walks with interpretive signage along the Shannon Estuary and through Glin Castle Demesne offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside with a wide variety of shore and woodland flora and fauna to be enjoyed.
Glin has a vibrant community with many clubs and organisations that cater to all ages and interests. In 2009 this community spirit was nationally acknowledged when we were the proud winners of the All Ireland Pride of Place.


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  1. Bob Powell says:

    My wife and I visited Ireland in May 2014 and stayed in Glin, home of my Grandparents James Enright and Josephine McMahon. We are so glad we did, as I was able to fill in some genealogy blanks on my mother’s ancestors. The people of Glin were some of the friendliest we’ve ever met in our travels. Thanks to a number of helpful folks, I was able to visit my GGGrandmother’s house and my grandfather’s house, both of which are in Glin. Thanks to all, particularly to Ester and Jack Dunne of the Old Castle B&B who knew the contacts that would be able to firm up my family tree.

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