Secret of long life… Work, Pint, Pipe

The following piece was kindly submitted by George Langan.

Langan Mick, Cahara 100th birthday.

Michael Langan 1873-1974, Cahara.

(son of Maurice 1.)

Mick Langan took over the place from his father-in-law John Sexton,circa 1907. I remember Mick well. He was a very communicative and intelligent person and a stonemason by trade. Back in those years, (1959-1970) Mick, along with his son John and John’s wife Anna would regularly pay visits to my grandfather’s home in Glenagragra.

Mick lived to be over 100 years of age and was so upright and strong in his limbs as to walk to the town of Glin each Friday to collect his pension. Following his 100th birthday celebrations the Limerick Leader of Sept 15th 1973 ran the following article;

‘’Secret of Long Life-by John, aged 100’’.

(It should have read Michael, not John)

‘’Mr. Michael Langan, Cahara, Glin, County Limerick, celebrated his 100thbirthday at the weekend with his sons and Daughters from Ireland and overseas.

This was also the first complete family re-union in 54 years.

Mr. Langan’s daughters, Mrs. Ellen McCarthy, Mrs. Kitty Feely, his grand-daughter,Mrs Barbara McNeil, and her son Terry, all came from Brooklyn, New York. His son,Maurice, travelled from Glasgow.

Daughter, Mrs Mary Quigg, who lives next door to Mr. Langan, didn’t have far to go with her congratulations and Mr. and Mrs. John Langan didn’t have to move at all – they live with Mr. Langan.

A cousin, Mrs Mary Harrington, from Long Island, New York was also at Glin for the occasion.

Around 200 people from all over Munster attended the party.

President Childers sent £50 to Mr. Langan along with congratulations and sincere good wishes.


Work, Pint, Pipe.

Mr. Langan, still sporting a fine head of hair, let us into his secret of long life, ‘’Hard work, a pint and a smoke of my pipe.’’

Despite his great age, he is still very active, goes for walks and finds time to read the paper.’’

Mick went to his eternal reward 1974.

John Langan took over the home cottage in Cahara from his father Mick. He was married to Anna Prendeville from Listowel. It would appear that John was very close to his 1st cousin, Paddy Langan,my grandfather, of Glenagragra. John and his wife Anna often recalled the times of Paddy and his wife Babe going to the town of Glin in their pony and trap, going out to their house and spending most of the night there chatting with his father Mick and themselves. Babe would never say to Paddy it is time to go home as other wife’s might do, she was very patient and enjoyed the company. John was involved in Paddy’s election campaign of the 1940’s and 50’s, canvassing the countryside with him and acting as his tally-man on Election Day at the courthouse in Glin.

For More on Paddy’s election and the Langan family see – –

John Langan was as versatile as his forebears were and took part in many local plays, concerts and dramas, many staged at the aforementioned Paddy Murray’s Hall in Loughill. The Glin correspondent of the Limerick Leader of Wed November 15th 1944 had the following to say about one such night out:


Enjoyable Night at Glin.

Glin Dramatic Company (writes our Glin correspondent) held on Sunday night a most delightful concert and humorous play at Reidy’s Hall, Glin, before a crowded and appreciative audience.

The entertainment was opened by the Company singing ‘Kelly The Boy From Killane’ in fine style, and, also ‘The Bold Fenian Men’. These were followed by songs from Messrs. Joseph Healy, John Power, Pakey Culhane, John Langan and Master John Finn. Step-dancing items were contributed by Misses Adams, McNamara, Burke and McKeon. Master Michael Reid contributed the dance music. Miss McKeon recited a very pleasing item ‘’When Granny Was Young’’.

Those who took part in the play were Messers :-

John Langan, Michael Mangan, Pakey Culhane, Joseph Healy, John Fennell and Misses :-

Cathleen Dillane, Mary O’Sullivan Elsie Wallace ; each and all giving of their best and making the entertainment the delightful one it was.

The ‘Soldiers’ Song’ brought the entertainment to a close.

Photo of Glin Drama Group that includes John Langan in B.R.J. 1990 p108.

John Langan died April 16th2001. His wife Anna died June 7th 1996. They had no family.

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