Invitation from Glin Library

Glin Library

The library is one of the village’s greatest assets and, thankfully, is appreciated by the many people who use it either for books or internet access or art and craft exhibitions. Since it opened in 2005 it has issued over 42,000 books. Due to cutbacks in recent years it does not stock as many new titles as it used to but anybody can request a title at any time and every effort will be made to get it for the customer. Now that the city and county libraries have merged there is a greater pool and choice of books. In order to ensure that our library continues to thrive it is very important that it is used as much a possible so Peg encourages anybody who has let their membership lapse to consider returning and availing of this FREE facility in the town. The school classes too are always welcome and encouraged to visit. She also asks to return any books which may be outstanding for a long time. This is necessary so that all books are available to all readers. There is no fine, just gratitude for the return. Thanks.

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