Clover Field Daycare Centre

CLOVER FIELD DAY CARE CENTRE GLIN, Tel: 068-26033 RESIDENTS MEALS AND OPEN DAYS The Day Care Centre provides meals for the twenty-five residents five days per week and we cater for the wider communities with our ‘Open Days’. The ‘Open Days’ consist of provision of transport to and from the centre, which is supported by Rural Bus and our own eighteen seated bus, a four course nutritional meal, bingo, raffl e, song and dance. These occasions are greatly appreciated by those who attend, many live in isolation and this is often the only social contact they have. Anyone interested in attending the ‘Open Days’ please contact Una at 068-26033. A variety of other activities take place during the week, ranging from art and craft, computer classes to exercise programmes. Evening activities range from Cards run by the ICA and Tai Chi classes held by qualified instructors. Anyone interested in attending any of these activities contact Una at 068-26033

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