Glin Library – Local History


While Ayda Daly enjoys the Toy Corner, Glin library has some very interesting books in the Local History Corner. The following is an extract from “A Pauper Warren- West Limerick 1845-49” by Gerard Curtin .

“On the 8th May 1847 a ‘destitute multitude’ surrounded the house of Richard Q. Sleeman of Cahara House, Glin, demanding food and employment. The official reaction to early reports of deaths from starvation in the press was a request of verification. On 3rd March 1847, it was reported that a body was found on a pathway at Loghill. A post mortem was requested from the local coroner. At Glin on 15th March another death occurred and a coroner’s jury returned a verdict on Joseph Conway, “death from the want of the common necessities of life”. On the 17th May a girl of seventeen years of age died on the roadside between Glin and Tarbert. ”

Call into the library and have a browse through similar books and stories.

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