Glin Summer Festival 2014

“They’re pink, they’re perky and they’re hot to trotter!”

Glin Summer Festival 2014 – Saturday 9th August at 8pm sharp. Live pig racing on Main Street, Glin. There are 6 races and 6 pigs in each race. The pigs have jockeys on their backs numbered 1 to 6.

The race starts to music from the back of a purpose-built lorry that houses all the pigs, necessary equipment, water, food and bedding. When the music stops the starting trap opens and the race is on! A straight track 80 metres long with 4 jumps for the pigs to negotiate before reaching the finishing post—a modified finishing pen where a member of the committee will hold up a large board with the number of the winning pig for the spectators / punters to see.

You can buy a share in a pig for €10 prior to race night and if your pig wins on the night you double your money! Punters can also place bets on the racing pigs at the race night.

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