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The Model Planes and Ships exhibition is gone home to Killaloe and now the library is awaiting local art work from our many artists in the Glin area. This will be in the next week or two. Meanwhile Christmas is coming fast and the children are getting excited so here is a little farcical poem to keep them amused. I wrote it years ago for my own children for the fun.

Rudolf’s Red Nose

You know I suppose about Rudolf’s red nose
But do you know how it got there?
Just sit back a while and I’ll make you smile
When I tell you what happened his hair.
Now Rudolf, one day, got bored with his play
And decided to dye his long hair
He went to the shop, there wasn’t a drop
So he had to go to the fair.
Says he to the man who had the red van
“Will you colour my hair a bright red”
“Begor”, said the man, “I’ll do what I can
But if your mother sees it you’re dead.”
So with his face in a frown Rudolf sat down
While his hair was lathered with paint
He looked in the mirror and froze with the terror
And nearly fell down in a faint.
To the man in the van he said “Do what you can
To get it all off my head
I can’t go home now or there will be a row
Come on, hurry up” Rudolf said.
So the man got some soap and muttered “you dope”
And started to wash Rudolf’s hair
It flowed down his face and all over the place
There were puddles and soap everywhere.
Rudolf started to cry when it got in his eye
And out of the chair he arose
He looked in the mirror and started to shiver
When he saw the red paint on his nose.
To Santa he ran, away from the man
Crying Santa my nose is all red
Now Mam will be mad, and say I am bad
Oh Santa please save me he said.
“Oh ho ho ho” laughed Santa, “you know
It shines like a light in the snow.
Now drink up your tay and we’ll fill up the sleigh
All the children are waiting you know.”

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