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Now that we are into the spring and people are beginning to tend to their gardens I include the following from page 104 of “The Life & Rhymes of Paddy Faley”  – from the local history corner of the library.

Sowing Potatoes

The potatoes were sown mainly in “bawn ridges”. These ridges were formed by firstly laying a line – usually the length of the field in which the potatoes were to be planted. The ground was cut with a spade along this line which was then laid four feet or so away from the cut, parallel with it and another cutting made and so on. Between these cuts, about one foot from the edges, was placed a continuous spread of farmyard manure or cowdung as we called it.  On top of this was placed the “skillauns” or seed potatoes, about ten inches apart just inside the edge of the manure, a row on each side. Now a “taibhóid”, which was a thin sod turned in on top of each row of potatoes, was turned with the spade. When this was done another row of seed potatoes was placed along the centre covered with a sod taken from the furrow. When the garden was finished it consisted of long ridges about two feet wide each containing three rows of potatoes.


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