Conor Sheahan League – all over for 2015

The Conor Sheahan League finished today on a beautiful sunny evening in Glin. Huge “Thank You” to Conor and Jacqui for their hard work every year.

Lost & Found – phone 087 629 6439 for more info

Found – medal, grey, possibly ‘best goalie’ award medal

Lost – white size 3 football with blue stripes


Click on the pictures below to see them full size.

ConSh(28) ConSh(27) ConSh(26) ConSh(25) ConSh(24) ConSh(19) ConSh(20) ConSh(21) ConSh(22) ConSh(23) ConSh(18) ConSh(17) ConSh(16) ConSh(15) ConSh(14) ConSh(9) ConSh(10) ConSh(11) ConSh(12) ConSh(13) ConSh(8) ConSh(7) ConSh(6) ConSh(5) ConSh(4) ConSh(3) ConSh(2) ConSh(1)

ConSh(66) ConSh(65) ConSh(64) ConSh(62) ConSh(61) ConSh(59) ConSh(58) ConSh(54) ConSh(53) ConSh(51) ConSh(50) ConSh(49) ConSh(48) ConSh(47) ConSh(46) ConSh(45) ConSh(44) ConSh(43) ConSh(41) ConSh(40) ConSh(39) ConSh(38) ConSh(37) ConSh(36) ConSh(35) ConSh(34)

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