1916-2016 Easter Rising Centenary ‘The Glin Connection’

On Easter Monday, the 28th of March 2016, the community of Glin will commemorate the 1916 Rising in the Town Park.The Centenary celebrations are of particular significance to the people of Glin, as two local men, James OBrien and Eamonn Dore were involved in the 1916 Rising in Dublin during Easter Week. Constable James OBrien , Kilfergus, Glin was the first person killed in the Rising, while Irish Volunteer Eamonn Dore from Main St. Glin, fought alongside many of the rebel leaders in the GPO during Easter Week 1916.

The Irish Government has announced a commemoration programme with the emphasis on remembrance and reconciliation. In commemorating the 1916 Rising it is important to respect all past differences. The footbridge in the Town Park, which spans the Glencorbry River, will be officially named The Centenary Bridge and will stand as a symbol of reconciliation and  remembrance  and will  honour all the men, women and children who were involved in the 1916 Rising.

An Interpretive Board will outline details of the Rising and plaques will be unveiled to honour the two Glin men, James OBrien and Eamonn Dore, who were from the same parish, but happened to be on opposing sides in the struggle for Irish freedom.

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