1916 Commemoration in Glin


“Give us the future, we’ve had enough
of your past.  Give us back our country,
to live in, to grow in, to love.”
Michael Collins (during the treaty negotiations).

Don’t forget Easter Monday, the 28th March 11.30am, Glin Town Park!!

The footbridge in the town park will be officially named The Centenary Bridge.  Commemorative plaques as well as an interpretive board will be unveiled. These are to honour the memory of Constable James O’Brien from Kilfergus Glin and Mr Eamon Dore of Main Street.  Please come along to find out more about these fascinating characters and to honour their memory.  An innocent casualty will also be honoured, Michael O’Connor from Ballyhahill, who was killed in crossfire during the Rising.  There will be entertainment in the Park, weather permitting, music, dancing, singing and some poetry reading, all relevant to the period of 1916.  We are hopeful visitors might like to dress in costumes relevant to that period, old-style attire, so dust off your hats and parasols ladies and the gentlemen can resurrect their old braces and flat caps!!  Poster replicas of the interpretive board will be on sale at the event.  These are a lovely keepsake and full of information on the two fellow parishioners, each man on opposing sides who fought in the struggle for Irish freedom. One hundred years on, the bridge will stand as a symbol of the ever-growing reconciliation in the differences which separated these two fine men.  After the ceremony and entertainment, there will be tea and coffee and treats available for everyone in Cloverfield Day Care centre. This will be hosted by Glin ICA. There will be wonderful exhibits  of 1916 illustrations, put together by the children of Glin and Ballyguiltenane parish National Schools on display in the centre. These were exhibited in the schools on Tuesday 15th March to celebrate Proclamation Day. Such wonderful talent was on display, and if you did not get a chance to browse these wonderful exhibits, Easter Monday in Cloverfield Day Care Centre will give you that opportunity!  Hopefully the day will be fine, and a good crowd, young and old, from Glin and from neighbouring parish’s will venture down to the Town Park to honour and remember our local heroes of 1916.  A great day to be had by all. “The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet not withstanding go out to meet it”.

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