Glin Library holidays

The library will be closed on this Thursday and Friday. It will be closed again on Friday 8th July to Friday 15th inclusive for annual holidays. After the holidays all libraries will be migrated to a new Library Management System called Sierra.  This migration is part of a phased move to a single Library Management System. As we will be part of a national consortium, we will have to implement the following changes:

Library Members will be now able to borrow up to 12 items at a time.

Items can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks (as opposed to our current 2 week loan period)

 Fines for late items will be introduced. The rate of the fine is 5 cent per item per day.
But do not panic. If you cannot get them back by the due date you can renew your books online ( ask at library) or you can ring Peg at 068-26910  to renew them for you. So keep on reading and visiting your library. “Use it or lose it” might be a good motto to keep in mind.
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