Glin Development held an open day at the magnificent Glin Castle on the banks of the River Shannon last Sunday. The Development Committee are committed to the repair of the roof at St Pauls, the old Protestant Church, situated at the entrance to Glin Castle. The church was given to the Town Development by the late and last Knight of Glin, Mr. Desmond Fitzgerald. The roof is in need of repair, and it was decided that an Open Day of the castle and gardens would be a good idea to raise much needed funds. Madam Olda Fitzgerald was approached and she very generously gave the use of the castle and wonderful gardens and walled garden to be viewed by the public. We were hopeful of a good turnout on the day, and the weather was given in our favour. The weather met our expectations and was very pleasant, but we were completely blown away by the numbers of people who turned up in their droves to visit the castle. Glin town and approach roads were gridlocked with traffic, the likes which has not been seen in many a year! The visitors queued in a long line on the access road to the castle, for the duration of the Open Day. It is a testament to the popularity and keen interest people have in the beauty and history of Glin Castle. There were three historians on the day imparting their vast kno

wledge of the history of the castle, Mr Thomas Donovan, Ms Rosemary Daly and our very own Chairperson , Mr John Anthony Culhane. Between them they kept the public moving through the castle while imparting their knowledge about the fascinating Fitzgerald Family and the history of the Knights. In the magnificent gardens, Mr Tom Wall took up the mantle and imparted his knowledge in all things horticultural. Teas and coffees were then served on the lawn, and the sun shone down on all.
We would like to thank Madam Olda Fitzgerald for the use of the castle, and to all the wonderful people who came and helped out in all different capacities on the day. Special thanks to those who donated very generous raffle prizes, and to those who loaned us catering equipment etc. Thanks also to the sponsors of the vast quantities of tea and coffee. Thank you to everybody who came to Glin Castle and we hope you enjoyed your visit. It was a massive success and for that we are very grateful.

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