Tidy Towns results – 7 points gained

Congratulations to all involved in the Glin 2016 Tidy Towns effort. The hard work has been acknowledged and rewarded with an extra seven points this year going from 291 to 298.The judges report follows.


Community Involvement & Planning

Glin is welcome to the SuperValu Tidy Towns Competition 2016. Thank you for your application with helpful map,
we look forward to receiving a copy of your Tidy Towns Plan /ten year plan currently being prepared next year.Well
done on an excellent presentation of all aspects of your heritage. Tidy Towns in Glin is well structured and organised with fruitful links to a wide variety of stakeholders in the future of the village and effective communication methods. The involvement of the schools is invaluable also. The Heritage Trail and Park / Playground / Outdoor Gym and Memorial Stone at the head of the Estuary is a really enjoyable experience.

Built Environment and Streetscape

The school and its grounds enjoy good maintenance to its curtilage area particularly its roadside boundary wall. The Community Hall (old National School ) is beautifully painted and the church is being beautifully managed in all aspects of its presentation. The majority of business premises are nicely presented to the roadside facade and it is
good to note the almost complete absence of plastic signage. Replace the awning featured on the ‘Tommy Wallace’ premises with the more traditional retractable straight edged canvas type of canopy. The castle entrance walls could be improved by cleaning and / or painting and some commercial properties on the road to the castle are in need of attention also. Beautifully painted townhouses are an attractive feature of Glin’s streetscape which is visually pleasing and work accomplished in the presentation of most street furniture is notable.

Landscaping and Open Spaces

The hard surfaced seated amenity area in the village centre is attractive however the seating & other furniture could
be refurbished. The Town Park has wonderful recreational and visual amenity appeal with the recently installed 1916 Commemorative Plaques a significant and dignified feature. It is good to note the professional advice sought on trees. Work on the pier cannot go unnoticed with the vibrant colours chosen. Planting for all seasons, especially Spring is invaluable.We look forward to the landscape plan element of your proposed ten year plan for Glin. Log
onto universaldesign.ie for guidelines, ideas and information on designing buildings and spaces with universal

Wildlife, Habitats and Natural Amenities

Well done on the flora and fauna Interpretive panels at the head of the estuary and your sensitive ‘mindfullness’ of the SAC & SPA status of the wider environment. Areas designated for pollinators are an excellent on-going initiative
and the training and knowledge transfer from a local beekeeper to Tidy Towns members is invaluable. The Keeper
of the Knights Walk designation is charming. Some flagpoles need repainting. Keep us updated on your progress with the ‘Knotweed’ problem.

Click here for full report and marks awarded. 2016-county-limerick-glin-455


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