A recent “good story” from Glin Defibrillator Group.

Anne Horan who is a member of the West Branch of Limerick Red Cross and another bystander performed CPR on a member of the public who collapsed in the foyer of a hotel in Tullamore.
This vital stage in the Chain of Survival was followed by use of the hotel defibrillator.
Paramedics arrived very quickly, and the resuccuation efforts continued before the man was taken to Tullamore hospital .

This intervention shows the importance of early CPR.
As a Cardiac First Responder Instructor with the Irish Red Cross, Anne stresses the importance of as many people as possible being trained. Being a Cardiac First Responder is accessible for all, and is an invaluable skill for teachers and school staff who could be called on to assist other staff members or pupils. Training on how to deal with stroke and choking is provided.
Anne would urge all teachers to be trained, and has already ensured that teachers and the SNA in her school are now CFR trained.
The best possible use of 4 hours of your time.

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