Kieran Fitzgerald, reappointed to GSOC.

“At The Time Thats In It ” by Den O’Brien  img_1836

This morning was looking through The Indo headlines . Thought about Xmas and all the material things ,. People going out for the last few days shopping,looking forward to Santa,The Wrenn, Racing & Coursing over the Festival , The Sales, etc etc .and theres nothing wrong with that either. I thought of the Toy Show & Gay Byrne & his assistant of a few years ago. For all locals round here in Glin/Ballyhahil/ Loughill. the most uplifting news was there to be read. The reappointment to GSOC of Glins own Kieran Fitzgerald. He went away to Dublin or somewhere many moons ago and next we saw him on the Toy Show with Gay (both recovering presently).He became high profile & eventually became a GSOC commissioner . Did it change him? not one bit. He came home would be seen sitting on the low wall outside the Courthouse where many of Glins Characters of the past always sat, he would meet all those people ,, he never picked his company he could and did chat with anybody. One could see him leaning on the monument in the Square,half in or out of a car or just lying against a wall having a word with whoever it was. He never came with the fancy suit or the shiny shoes. He was always Pat — — son .
I remember once at a festival when there was Pig Racing on the Street and he was mesmerised by it .. Cant say if i spoke to him on the night but a few days later he had rounded up my mobile and was looking for a photo of the Pig Racing “I have a contact in The Mirror or Star ( cant be sure ) will get one published which he did ,that was him . When he was in Town everyone wanted to talk to him and he wanted to talk to everyone.
On the day of his unfortunate accident it was if a weighted cloud had landed over Glin and was pressing the people into the ground if you get the drift, it was a case of did you hear it, — I did — Well –!!!.The news was not good but time is a great healer , He was on Foreign Soil, He was brought home ,,He is still in Dun Laoighaire, but he has made a remarkable recovery, and when the Xmas presents are being dished out i think putting everything in perspective for many people, for Kieran his family and friends this news has to be the best that any “Stocking” can hold.So for Kieran and All the Fitzgeralds its great that you are making such great strides on the way to recovery, Even though things may be a little different , we all look forward to seeing you back in Town soon. For the moment the news is fantastic So Happy Xmas .

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