Great to see a bit of a stretch in the evenings. The weather is mild and there’s all sorts of activity among the birds, bees and wildlife, (even if it is a tad early!). There seems to be a bit of a stirring so to speak, so I suppose it’s time to think of getting out those litter pickers and vis-vests and getting out to do a clean up! Of course if the people who feel the necessity to drop their litter as they go, and more throwing items out their car windows would stop and think, and take it home, or use rubbish bins, we wouldn’t have to go litter picking at all! I won’t even mention the people who feel it is perfectly acceptable to dump their household rubbish in any quite roadway or byway or indeed even on our beautiful shoreline! Please be vigilant for such behaviour and report to Glin Tidy Town members or The Department of the Environment. We are always looking for volunteers, especially the YOUNGER generation in the town, those with young families, who can pass on good habits in protecting our environment and hence protecting our wildlife and encouraging biodiversity. There will be a town and townland litter pick in early February. The date will be confirmed next week, so keep an eye on our FB page and also and the local papers. Let’s keep GLIN clean and beautiful!

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