Our Catholic Community of Glin.

Our Catholic Community of Glin. Following on from the recent meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council members at the Diocesan Assembly which was held to examine the implications of the Synod and the resultant Pastoral Plan, it was recommended we engage and listen to our community in order that we can realise our Vision and overall strategy to deliver on a broad range of actions identified. The following were identified:

Young People- we hope to ensure that young people feel connected, involved and active In a multigenerational church where grandparents, parents and children minister to each other.
Liturgy and Life – we must enhance the quality and experience of liturgy at a local level achieving ‘conscious, active and full’ participation. The emphasis is on liturgy that connects with the lives of ordinary people and that can be delivered by ordinary people.
Faith Formation and Education- At a local context, we are exploring new models of leadership for a Church In a changing reality, where the lay faithful are being entrusted with particular tasks in their faith community.
Community and Sense of Belonging- How can this theme renew us? As children loved by God, we are called to be disciples of God’s infinite love. We must reflect on what Community and Sense of Belonging says to us in our time and in our Diocese. Local initiatives will be to reach out to local people and also to the marginalised across our city and Diocese.
Pastoral Care of the Family- The family, ideally and potentially, is the school of human enrichment, where everyone is someone, where everyone belongs and has a place, where each is appreciated for the unique individual he or she is. It is also the school of Christian belief, where faith is caught, if not always explicitly taught.
New Models of Leadership -We are living in a very different world from the one most of us grew up in. The concept of a leadership which depends almost exclusively on the priest cannot continue. We need leadership now in the discovering, recognising and fostering one another’s gifts. The gifts of priests, religious and laity should be brought into a fruitful and collaborative service of the gospel. On reflection we have picked two themes to start with at a local level, being, Young People and Liturgy and Life.
The Diocese will develop and begin the delivery of a youth ministry training programme for volunteer youth ministry leaders. We have a Youth Leader in place who is actively recruiting more volunteers and any young parishioners who would like to get involved in this wonderful initiative please contact Ciara Shine who will be delighted to have your input and involvement.

Training will be provided for local volunteers to lead liturgies in the diocese on designated dates when priests are away on in-service training. This training will in turn develop and support lay leadership in liturgies and the celebration of sacraments (e.g. Lay led liturgies of the Word with Holy Communion, homilies, baptisms, funerals, ‘occasion’ liturgies, etc.)

If you are interested in getting involved in the above initiative or would like more information, please contact Fr. Crawford. The following are the dates for up-coming courses with the intention of running more courses in the near future:

May 6th. 10 – 4pm. Training in Lay Lead Liturgy. Limerick

May 11th. 7 – 9pm. Training for Ministers of the Word. Limerick

May 18th. 7 – 9.30pm. Training for Eucharistic Ministers. Limerick

Thank you on behalf of Fr. Crawford and the Parish Pastoral Council.IMG_1540

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