‘Meals-on- Wheels’ in Glin

‘Meals-on- Wheels’ in Glin

Research shows that healthy eating provides essential energy and nutrients for the

maintenance of health and independence, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases at

older ages. It is a significant contributor to keeping the elderly in their own homes as

long as possible, living independently, avoiding the need for nursing home care with it’s

very high costs and the inevitable disruptions incurred.

With this in mind Glin Homes for the Elderly, in association with the HSE, is launching

a Meals-on- Wheels service for the elderly in the local community over the coming

months. Meals(x2) will be delivered on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

Participants will have a choice of menus consisting of nutritious meals. These will

include a main course and dessert at an affordable cost, and will be delivered free of

charge. Meals can also be collected from the Day Care Centre by family members or


If older people are living on their own they often need some assistance in maintaining

their independence, staying safe, eating well and leading an active lifestyle. Our 'Meals-

on-Wheels' service will help to ensure that participants, in addition to receiving healthy

balanced meals, will also have the added benefits of regular visits by one of our delivery

team to ensure that they are safe and well.

If you wish to avail of this service or, as a concerned neighbour or family member, you

know of an older person who might be interested in our 'Meals-on- Wheels' service

please contact: Una on 068-26033 or Mary on 0874124808 for further details, or we can

arrange a house visit to explain the benefits of the service in greater detail.

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