Glin Tidy Towns – Update.

Glin Tidy Towns has entered the Supervalu Tidy Towns competition for 2017. This is a very tough competition as we are up against some very competitive villages and towns in Ireland. There are a lot of subheadings in the competition, tidiness and litter control, residential streets and housing areas, approach roads streets and lanes, sustainable waste and resource management, wildlife habitats and natural amenities to mention but a few. Last year our marking increased by 7 places to bring us to a total of 298 points out of a maximum of 450. This was a fantastic achievement as the norm might be 2 or 3!
With this in mind we would be asking everyone in Glin to be mindful of keeping their Properties and areas looking presentable. Please encourage children/young teens to bring their sweet wrappers, etc, home or put them in the nearest bin. This will help hugely when the judges land to Glin to take a look around. There is a continuous problem with litter discarding in the Town Park. Glin Tidy Towns would ask that those who use the park and playground for recreational use would respect the park and please use the three bins provided to discard of cans, sweet and crisp papers etc.
The town is looking well at present and we need to build on this to make it look clean, bright and welcoming. Thank you to everyone who has come on board with our initiative of keeping their homes, businesses and areas presentable. It is great to see the community coming together to bring out the best that Glin has to offer.

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