“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference “.
The Pastoral Council is formed over a year now. It has twelve members including Fr.Crawford. It’s formation was as a result of an appeal by Rome and subsequently the Bishops to form groups in all parishes that could, and will assist the parish priest in his Pastoral duties. With the decline in entries to the priesthood, and also the natural fall off of existing priests due to retiring and illness etc, there is a need for backup and support for the existing working priests. This is where the Parish Pastoral Councils will fulfil their purpose and role. You may be aware that there have been Lay Lead liturgies at Glin church in the past months when Fr. Crawford was not available. The Pastoral Council is involved in recruiting, and continues to look for participants who are interested in training for Lay Led liturgy. We are also hopeful of encouraging our younger generation to get more involved in the Pastoral Council, as these young people are our future, and it’s important that they feel included, and that they know we value their opinions and insight. We were also responsible for the invitation to tea after the CORPUS CHRISTI procession on June 16th last. We are hoping to rekindle this tradition and encourage more parishioners to attend the procession, and to have an occasion to come and celebrate together over a cup of tea.
It’s a fledgling group, one that’s trying to find its way. Our aim is to reach out to all the community, to be all inclusive in these challenging times, and to be Christ’s eyes,hands, feet and heart in the common goal of ensuring our parishioners Pastoral needs are catered for now and into the future.
Please check out our FB Page – Glin Parish Pastoral Council – and for regular updates.

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