Glin Development and Tidy Towns – results time pending!

Glin Development and Tidy Towns.

Fingers crossed that Glin will perform well in the Tidy Towns results. All the judging is completed and the next stage are the results in September!
It was a great summer and the flowers that were planted out in May and June are at their peak now. There are so many people to thank for all the hard work and effort that was put in to making Glin look clean and vibrant. Thanks to everyone who got involved, whether it was something as simple as picking litter from outside your door to all those who put out fabulous window boxes and hanging baskets, painted their properties, to those who watered the plants, or turned up on Wednesday and Saturday’s for the clean ups, and everyone in between, a huge thanks. It’s the combined efforts that make the difference. Thanks also to the men on the CE scheme and TUS for all their hard work. Their involvement makes a big difference, and they are always very obliging.
Regardless of results, we are proud of our town and it is a labour of love to keep Glin looking attractive for residents and visitors alike. GOOD LUCK GLIN ☘️IMG_0043

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