Glin Parish Pastoral Council – Visit the Icon of the Holy Family

F01D8362-9310-4715-863D-70AEDD3AD9C5You are invited to visit the wonderful Icon of the Holy Family in Newcastlewest Church from Sunday 17th to Monday 19th December. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to spend time this Advent in quiet reflection and it’s also your opportunity to put your personal petition in the petition box. The Icon will be moving from the Limerick Dioceses after this time so don’t miss this special opportunity 🙏


The 6ft ‘Icon of the Holy Family’ was commissioned for next year’s celebration, which Pope Francis is expected to travel to Ireland for, and is being brought to each diocese to encourage reflection and prayer in the build up to Ireland’s first ever hosting of the international gathering. … We are a family of families in this diocese so all are included and welcome at every single event, and also to come to pray in the church when it is open. A petition box for your prayers for families will be available at all times.

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Newcastlewest

Sunday, December 17th

12 noon Mass with Bishop Leahy
2-4pm Adoration
7:15pm Mass with Children’s Choir

Monday, December 18th

10:30am Schools Celebration
3pm Caring for the Sick
7:30pm Family Liturgy

Tuesday, December 19th 10am Closing Mass

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