Everyday Hero 😇 nominee Ann Horan

Check out the moment heroic principal of Carrigkerry National School, Co Limerick, Anne Horan is surprised by the man whose life she saved when he arrives at her classroom during an interview with Sean O’Rourke for our Everyday Hero competition. Michael Mac Clancy was attending a music event in the Tullamore Court Hotel when he went into a very serious state of cardiac arrest – a condition where the heart actually stops dead and the victim has approximately eight minutes to get help or dies. Anne, a trained Cardiac Responder who had trained with the Red Cross but had never worked on a real person before came across the scene and saved Michael’s life. She shouted for a defibrillator whilst administering CPR. Mick was brought to the Tullamore General Hospital and the resuscitation team continued to work on him. He is alive and well today because of our Everyday Hero nominee Ann Horan. 😀⭐

See the video on Facebook People of the Year Award.


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