Margaret Mulcahy – legend

Margaret is finishing up on her CE Scheme this coming Friday the 8th March. Glin Development and Tidy Towns would like to thank Margaret for her dedication and hard work during her year on the scheme. She was dedicated, observant and she takes a great pride in her duty in keeping the whole town of Glin litter free. It is hoped she will get back on another scheme very soon. Thank you Margaret from everyone in Glin and thanks to West Limerick Resources who facilitate the scheme.  As spring and summer are approaching we would ask everyone to be mindful of litter and pick up same when possible. Also if you own a dog, please be responsible and do the right thing if your dog fouls the streets. This was a bugbear of Margaret’s, and no doubt she will still be on the lookout for offenders! 

Best of luck Margaret!   

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