Peg’s Poem – An Cailín Bán 👩

The Cailin Bán – September 2019
In memory of Ellen Hanley who was murdered in 1819

It started with a rumour
That John Anthony had a dream
To bring the Cailin Bán to life
Down by the Shannon stream.
And to make it even grander
And ensure it was the best
He had the inspiration
To include Dominic West.

And so the rumour blossomed
And soon grew big and strong
When Vicar Joe and Eleanor
Brought a script along.
The next task was not so easy
To find people for each role
But they trusted in the talent found
From Loughill to Listowel.

And so the summer bore some fruit
As each one learned their part
And delivered lines with passion
Getting serious from the start.
Meanwhile some eager ladies
Were making strides backstage
Sourcing props and costumes
Not expecting any wage.

So when September came around
And the opening night in sight
Many people had bought tickets
So as not to miss this night.
And they were not disappointed
As this outstanding crew
Through singing, dancing, acting
Made John A’s dream came true.

Credit due to all the locals
And Glin Development committee
For making this a memorable event
Which will go down in history.
We look forward to the time when
Tourist will flock to see
The Knight of Glin Interpretative Centre
At the back of the Library.

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