LockDown 🥞Baking🍪with🎂Jackie

Last episode this Thursday 30th April 2020 at 6pm of “Lock Down Baking with Jackie”
Jackie saved the best til last –
Chocolate Fudge Pudding!
You will need:
•150g butter
• 175g good quality chocolate broken into pieces
•110g caster sugar
• 150mls warm water ( boil half kettle of water at 10 to 6 and measure it out)
•4 eggs ( we’ll be separating these, so try to have a little practice before Thursday!) •
25g self raising flour or plain flour **with a pinch of baking powder added to it
• half lemon
•100g chopped chocolate or chocolate chips to scatter over the top ( optional) •Icing sugar for dusting
•medium sized saucepan
• wooden spoon
•medium sized bowl
• small bowl for the yolks
• a medium sized glass/ metal/ ceramic bowl for egg whites (**not plastic!) •Electric beater \ hand whisk
• sieve spatula or big spoon
• baking dish roughly 17x23cm with 4cm high sides
•Roasting tin larger than the baking dish (if you don’t have this, it’s fine)
• Knob of butter to greese dish
•Oven on to 200 at 5 to 6
• You’ll need to be at your cooker.

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