Vandalism in Glin..

On Wednesday evening last the lights in The Town Park were smashed. Bollards lights and post lights were vandalised and park signage thrown into the river. Glin Development had plans to carry out some improvements in the Town Park over the coming weeks and we need to identify and apprehend these vandals who continue to destroy our public amenities. This is the third major incidence of vandalism in our town over the past few months. During the summer the viewing point on the Knights Walk was completely destroyed and it will cost thousands of euros to repair the damage.Some months back the Fairy Trail at St. Paul’s was vandalised and the Fairy Trail Committee spent a lot of time and money repairing the damage. Why anyone would vandalise a Fairy Garden that gives so much pleasure to our young children is very hard to fathom.We need to do more to apprehend these culprits. It will cost Glin Development thousands of euros to replace and repair all the properties that have been destroyed in the past few months. These amenity areas are there for the enjoyment of the general public. If we were more vigilant could these people be caught in the act and brought to task for this needless and costly destruction. Are these people local or coming from neighbouring parishes. If you have any information could you contact the local Garda Station at 068 34100

Glin Development Association

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