Glin Heritage Walking Trails…

The Rules for Glin Heritage Trails

  1. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!😊
  2. PLEASE all dog owners clean up after your canine friends
  3. Keep your dog on a leash
  4. Leave no trace
  5. Respect the biodiversity
  6. Wear suitable gear
  7. Respect social distancing

The start of the Knights Walk has become a particular area of concern with regards to dog fouling. Just at the beginning of the Race Field is like a dog toilet area. This is really unacceptable! Dog poop is a health hazard for humans and other animals. Families use these walks, and lots of children enjoy the walks. Because the dogs poop in the verges, you might think this is ok, it is not. Children can walk on these grass verges and destroy their shoes. The RSS men regularly strim these verges, and they too are unprepared when they get covered in the spray off! You are allowed to leave the doggy bag at the site and retrieve on way back from walk. This problem will be monitored and any offenders will be approached to address the situation.
The TARBERT path is also another problem area for dog fouling. Doggy bags are inexpensive and widely available. Please respect the walks and your dog. Don’t give your pet a bad name 🐶, it’s not their fault!
Please also take any empty water bottles etc home with you. The walks are important areas of nature conservation and full of Biodiversity to be enjoyed by young and old. Please leave no trace and bring home nothing but good memories.

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