Christmas Mass rota beginning 21st December 🎄

Celebration of Masses over the Christmas holiday.

It is good that our churches are open for public Masses and liturgies.  Government guidelines and HSE restrictions are still in place and it’s always important to be mindful of them for one’s own safety and the safety of others.

Keeping in mind the current Covid 19restrictions, we the clergy of Unit 13 have decided to put in place a schedule of Masses to help people celebrate Christmas in a real, meaningful and safe way.  

Starting on Monday 21st December, we are encouraging people to come to Mass either on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  In doing so we hope to reduce overcrowding on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  

The schedule of Masses is published on parish websites, facebook pages and isavailable in churches for everyone’s benefit.  

Hope you all have a merry Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year. 

Canon Anthony O’Keeffe. Fr. Austin Mc Namara. Fr. Tim Curtin.

Christmas Mass Rota for week beginning Monday 21st December.  Unit 13.

Monday 21st December 10 am.


Tuesday 22nd December 10 am.

Wednesday 23rd December 10 am.  

Thursday Christmas Eve. 6 pm & 8 pm.

Friday Christmas Day. 9 am & 11 am.  

Saturday 26th December 7 pm.

Sunday 27th December 11 am.

Tuesday 29th December 10 am.

Wednesday 30th December 10 am.

Friday 1st January 10 am.

Saturday 2nd January 7 pm

Sunday 3rd January 11 am.  


Monday 21st December   Ballyhahill 9 am.

Tuesday 22nd December Loughill 7.30 pm.

Wednesday 23rd December Ballyhahill 7.30 pm.

Thursday Christmas Eve. Loughill 4 pm & 7 pm.

Thursday Christmas Eve. Ballyhahill 5.30 pm & 8.30 pm.

Friday Christmas Day.  Ballyhahill 8 am & 10 am.

Friday Christmas Day. Loughill 8am & 11 am.  

Saturday 26th December Loughill 6 pm.

Sunday 27th December Ballyhahill 10 am.

Monday 28th December Ballyhahill 11 am.

Tuesday 29th December Loughill 11 am.

Wednesday 30th December Ballyhahill 11 am.

Thursday 31st December Loughill 11 am.

Friday 1st January Ballyhahill 11 am.

Saturday 2nd January Loughill 6 pm.

Sunday 3rd January Ballyhahill 10 am.


Monday 21st December Shanagolden 9.30 am.

Tuesday 22nd December Shanagolden 9.30 am.

Wednesday 23rd December Foynes 6.30 pm.

Thursday Christmas Eve. Foynes 4 pm & 6.30 pm.

Thursday Christmas Eve. Shanagolden 8 pm.

Thursday Christmas Eve. Robertstown 9.30 pm.

Friday Christmas Day.  Foynes 8 am, Robertstown 9.30 am & Shanagolden 11 am.  

Saturday 26th December.  Foynes 6.30 pm

Sunday 27th December Robertstown 9.30 am & Shanagolden 11 am.  

Monday 28th December Shanagolden 11 am.

Tuesday 29th December Shanagolden 11 am.

Wednesday 30th December Foynes 6.30 pm.

Thursday 31st December Foynes 11 am.

Friday 1st January Robertstown 11 am & Foynes 6.30 pm.

Saturday 2nd January Foynes 6.30 pm.

Sunday 3rd January Robertstown 9.30 am & Shanagolden 11 am.


Monday 21st December Kilcolman 7.30 pm.

Tuesday 22nd December 7.30 pm.

Wednesday 23rd December 7.30 pm.

Thursday Christmas Eve. Coolcappa 2 pm, 4 pm & 6 pm.

Thursday Christmas Eve.  Kilcolman 7.30 pm & 9 pm.

Friday Christmas Day. Kilcolman 8 am & 9.30 am.

Friday Christmas Day.  Coolcappa 11 am.   

Saturday 26th December  Coolcappa 7.30 pm.

Sunday 27th December  Kilcolman 10 am.

Tuesday 29th December Coolcappa 9.30 am.

Wednesday 30th December Kilcolman 9.30 am. 

Thursday 31st December Coolcappa 7.30 pm. 

Friday 1st January Kilcolman 7.30 pm.   

Saturday 2nd January Coolcappa 7.30 pm.

Sunday 3rd January Kilcolman 10 am.

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