Glin Tidy Towns / Litter Picking.

Litter! 😒

As we are out on our walks inside the 5k limit in Glin, it is a shame to see litter discarded on our road sides and verges. The council recently cleared out drains on some of the road verges, and this has unearthed and highlighted the extent of the littering. Unfortunately masks are the new litter bug bear! Tidy Towns volunteers have already filled numerous bags in recent weeks, as they go about their daily walks. We have had requests from individuals looking for litter pickers, but unfortunately all the pickers were given out at the last Team Limerick Clean Up. We are asking if anyone has pickers that they will not be using, could you drop them back to Marie Fitzgerald. They can be left inside the garden wall. If you are litter picking, please always wear gloves and a vis vest. Will there ever come a time when litter will be a thing of the past. Hopefully our younger generation who have great knowledge about caring for the planet, will set the way, and make it a better place for us all. Stay safe and thank you in advance to all the volunteers in Glin who help keep it clean.

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