Spring is in the air at the Glin Knights Walk…

Work continues on the Knights Walk! Walkers will see that new signage is presently being erected at the entrance and along the route. This is a work in progress and it is starting to take shape nicely. You will see direction signage as you arrive from both Church Street and the Dark Road. Each section of the route will have a unique plaque erected stating the name in English and Irish and also the elevation level of each area along the route. Mile buiochas to local gaelgeoir Aine Ni Riada who helped with the translation of the beautiful place names along the trail which includes Lissy Highe, Rook Hall Wood, Furry Hill Wood, The Racefield and the Beech Walk. Signage has also been erected to remind visitors of the Leave no Trace and the principles of outdoor ethics. The paths will be relaid with gravel when weather allows. We are looking forward to the exciting new project of a Pergola at the viewing platform. These works will start shortly. Attention has also been drawn to dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead and to please clean up after them. It is important to remember that the Knights Walk is located on the perimeter of a working farm. Stencil signs are also presently being laid (Limerick Co Co) on the streets and public spaces in the village. This is in an effort to inform the public of their obligation to clean up after their dogs. More stencils will be laid in the coming weeks. Beautiful Biodiversity Butterfly signage are also being erected in areas where butterflies are prevalent. It is both eye catching and informative and a great educational tool for young and old. The Glin Heritage Trails are a wonderful amenity, enjoyed by all. We are blessed to have these walks, especially during Covid lockdown, and we must treasure and look after them. Again thank you to everyone who supported the GoFundme, it is these generous contributions that allow all these kind of works to be completed. The fund is still open if you would like to contribute. All funds raised go towards the upkeep and new projects in our beautiful town of An Gleann.

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