Criminal Damage at Glin Town Park 2/1/22

It’s with a heavy heart, that at this start of the New Year, Glin Development have to report criminal damage that took place last night in Glin Town Park. Lighting bollards were ripped out, wiring and cabling pulled out and thrown into the river Shannon. The Corbry Christmas Tree that stands proud in the centre of the park has had all its cabling pulled out and damaged. Unfortunately the tree will not light for the rest of the Christmas period. What kind of people are out there in our midst, that would be so evil, cowardly and destructive, to go to Glin Town Park in the cover of darkness and carryout this kind of criminal damage. It is an insult to the people of Glin and further a field who have given donations and very generous contributions, that have allowed all this work to be undertaken. We have no words to express our disgust and disappointment! If anyone has information or know who were the perpetrators of this criminality, please contact Garda Billy McElligott at 068 34100 or Newcastlewest Garda station at 069 20650. There is indeed an element of evil in our midst!

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