Go Fund Me… put the ‘Light’ back into Glin Town Park.


This page has been set up by Glin Community News as a result of the outcry from local parishioners and people further afield, that were shocked and horrified by the recent criminal damage that happened in the Glin Town Park. This GoFundMe page will run for one month and all monies raised, no matter how small, will go directly to Glin Development to support them towards the cost of CCTV cameras, replacement of bollard lighting and electrical repairs to the Corbry Tree. This fundraiser is to show support and solidarity with Glin Development.
On the night of the 1st January 2022, barely 24 hours from when we rang in the New Year, vandals struck and caused thousands of euros worth of damage to a large portion of the lighting structures that surround the park. These bollards/lamps were callously thrown into the river Shannon along with signage and bulbs. The Corby Christmas Tree, a recent project funded by Glin Development in 2020, was unfortunately also targeted. The door entry was kicked in and the wiring boxes ripped out. The Corbry Tree is a wonderful uplifting symbol of light and hope in our town park, and is sadly missed by all.Presently the town park is in darkness!
There is a large amount of damage, but, with your help we can ensure that the park returns to its former glory. It is envisioned that CCTV cameras will be installed, to prevent this type of criminal damage in the future. With your contribution, the lighting bollards will be replaced and the Corbry Tree will be repaired. We can, once again, ensure that our park is a safe place for people to walk of an evening, will be a beacon of light to passing ships in the night and to passing cars on the N 69.

Collection boxes are located in shops and pubs in Glin.

“To all the wonderful people that have donated so generously to the GoFundMe page to put the ‘Light’ back into Glin Town Park THANK YOU SO MUCH. In less than 20 hours we have managed to hit the target of €1,500 and some more!!! With everyone being so big hearted when times are tough for many, it really means so much to see such generosity. I have raised the bar a little higher to a goal of €5,500 and I just feel we will break this goal too! Please continue to share and thank you so so much.” Glin Community News.

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