‘Laskavo Prosimo’ to our Ukranian Neighbours.

‘Laskavo Prosimo’ to our Ukranian Neighbours.

Over a fabulous meal served by the staff of Cloverfield, Glin Homes and the people of Glin introduced themselves to our newly arrived neighbours from the Ukraine. It was a very emotional encounter as our new friends used the occasion to thank everyone involved in making them feel so welcome in Ireland. We were all a little tearful when they sang a beautiful Ukranian folk song which reminded us of the terrible ordeal that all Ukranian are going through, not knowing when this terrible war will end and when they can return to their own country. Our Chairman made a special reference to the local volunteer group of Noreen, Laura, Michelle and Susan who have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks with those unfortunate families and hopefully more people might become involved going forward. The most immediate issue for these families is transport to and from the nearest towns of Listowel, Tralee, Newcastle West or Limerick. If you would like to play your part you can make contact with their group liaison person Lena at 087 2273562.

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