Community Recognition Fund 2023

Limerick City and County Council has recently contacted Glin Development Association about a Community Recognition Fund. This fund is targeted at projects for communities throughout the county which welcomed ‘Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection (Ukraine)’.

If you would like to apply for funding to help with the improvement of facilities in your club or organization, Glin Development  Association has arranged a  meeting for next Tuesday night, 28th of February at 7 at Glin Daycare Centre, Cloverfield, to help coordinate applications to the Council.

Please note that Expression of Interest (EOI) forms must be submitted to Limerick City and County Council by March 7th.

The EOI has two categories available for possible types of projects that can be funded under the scheme.


Category (1) covering Capital Works above €5,000.00 for the following;

·        The refurbishment of local sports clubs and facilities

·        The upgrade of community facilities such as play areas, walkways, parks and community gardens

·        The enhancement of school or parish facilities that are open to the wider community after hours or on weekends

·        Transport infrastructure such as community vehicles and bus shelters

All elements regarding Category (1) projects must be 60% completed and expended by 30th September 2023 and fully completed by October 2024.


Category (2) covering equipment to a maximum value of €4,999.99 for the following;

·        The purchase of equipment to benefit local clubs, festivals, music and arts organisations. 

All elements regarding projects under this category must be completed and expended by 30th August 2023


For further information contact any committee member of Glin Development.  Link is also attached for further information.

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